Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Cheese Watch!

Since I've been a vegetarian - or alive actually - I've been overly reliant on cheese. Not good for me, not good for cows. One day last time I was in Torquay I had a paneer curry followed by a cheese plate for lunch and then we had a cold supper with another three types of cheese.

Unfortunately that was the day when I decided (see? controlling again) that we should set these half jokey food goals for each other based on some thing we where looking at on the internet about how to stop you children being picky. And if anyone eats like a picky child it's us two. So I have pledged to cut down on cheese. I believe three servings a week was the maximum. One day I may make zero. For the cows.

Knowing that it would be hard for me to find something to eat on my killer commute to Guides every week I've decided to start packing lunches. I've even bought a laptop lunch box of Vegan Lunch Box fame.

On monday I made peanut butter and dairy-free chocolate spread sandwich rolls. These little bite sized butties of cuteness are very easy to make. Here follows a recipe so half arsed I'm not going to give it numbers.

  • Spread the bread (crusts off) with your chosen filling,
  • roll up, wrap in cling film and leave over night in the fridge.
  • In the morning you can cut them into bit sized bits and put them in the box.
They will keep their shape. That and an giant Granny Smith Apple kept me full up until I got home at 11 ready to make a mushroom stir fry.

When boiling the noodles I threw in a couple of eggs. The eggs and leftover stir fry formed yesterdays lunch. With some roasted veggies for tea... until... I decided to get a spicy bean burger at Burger King. Which, as I realised all of five seconds ago, has cheese on it. Poo.

So with my cheese and rivita today can I last till Monday with only one portion of cheese? Any tips, suggestions or encouragement?

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