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Clare and Stephen live in his home town of Torquay where they share a flat and a commitment to growing their own food, cooking incessantly, making stuff and being so adorable people want to throw up. They have a rescue Chines Dwarf Hamster. Clare is a vegetarian who likes to explore all things vegan with a view to making the transition. Stephen has just entered the wild world of vegetarianism. They got married in March 2013

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How did you meet?

We met online, of course, and lived separately for a while before Clare chucked it all and moved all the way to Devon.

What's this blog for?

It was about our gardening and cooking efforts. Cooking generally gets more of a mention because it's less season and weather dependant. Clare has been growing our crafty content recently and Stephen likes to post about green issues and products. 

Stephen Volunteering at Occombe
Speaking of food, how did you two manage on different diets?

Almost always we cook separately, even now we both keep vegetarian  our little food quirks would keep us from eating together most of the time. Back when Stephen still ate poultry I made this post about our eating habits. Aside from the removal of chicken things haven't really changed.

And the garden?

Our first is our balcony with a sea view. Torbay has a very odd micro climate making it very mild and disturbingly sunny.

For those who are into that sort of thing we are south west facing and zone 10. Which is perfect as far as I'm concerned.

We mainly concentrate on edibles and useful herbs but we're not beyond the odd flower or two, especially if they are red.

Our second garden is an allotment up the road. It's a lot more sheltered, a little less warm.

What is with the green?

We consider it our duty to do as little harm as possible. It's much easy to say than do.

Practically it means thinking about what we do and it's impact. Some things are easy like switching off the light that I'm not using. Some things are hard like cutting down on baths.

Some times we can't always decipher what is the best way to do something. Even an issue like peas can be incredibly complicated. So we just try to do our best.

What is an organic box scheme?

An organic box scheme is a way to get fresh from the farm veg delivered straight to your door.

Sounds perfect doesn't it? For us it's a way to get local, seasonal, organic food and buy from a company we really, really want to support.

Riverford are committed to organic food, they don't air freight and -and this is the best bit -
they hate, hate hate the idea that organic food should automatically have a mark up and thus be inaccessible to the ordinary person.

To them - and to me - organic food is not gourmet food but food.

Tell me about charities you support
Clare Forages

Clare has been volunteering with Girlguiding UK for about four years now. She currently helps at a Guide Unit and a Brownie Unit. Stephen is an occasional helper.

We've held AmnesTeas to raise money for Amnesty International and we donate to and are members of various charities including the RSPB, The Bumble Bee Conservation Trust, and Garden Organic