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Wild Garlic Pesto


Wild garlic pesto
Basic Vegetable Stock Guide 
Rough and Ready Gardener's Tomato Sauce

Wild Garlic Bread


Savoury Snacks
Wild Garlic Crackers

Swiss Chard Pakora 
Wild Garlic Crackers
Spinach and Pine Nut Parcels
Chili and Seasalt Crispbread

Tomato and Nettle Sauce

Noodles, pasta and risotto 

Courgette in Coconut Sauce

Cumin and Pepper Tofu
Courgette in Coconut Sauce

Fennel Crusted Tofu

Roasted Garlic and Cumin Carrots


Sweet Treats
Dandelion Fritters

Scones with Fairtrade Rice Milk
Praline Cake*
Bran Shortbread*
Grannie Annie's Coconut Cake
Marmalade Muffins
Chocolate Orange Cookies

Vegan Dandelion Fritters
Carrot Flapjack
Golden Oat Cookies

Spicy Haw And Apple Pleather


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Recipes Listed By Suitability 

(All above recipes are vegetarian. Those that are marked with an asterisk contain eggs and dairy, all others are suitable for vegans) 

Gluten Free 

Nut Free

Basic Vegetable Stock Guide - Rough and Ready Gardener's Tomato Sauce - Roti - Wild Garlic Bread - Basic White Bread - Tortas de aceite - olive oil tortas -Chive Rolls - Swiss Chard Pakora Wild Garlic Crackers - Spinach and Pine Nut Parcels - Chili and Seasalt Crispbread -Mushroom Chilli Noodle Bowl - Hot Summer Tomato Soup - Tomato + Chilli Risotto  - Tomato and Nettle Sauce - Cumin and Pepper Tofu - Fennel Crusted Tofu Baked Celeriac Chips - Two Peas and Fennel Rice - Roasted Garlic and Cumin Carrots - Stephen's Basic Croquettes* - Scones with Fairtrade Rice Milk - Praline Cake* Parkin - Marmalade Muffins - Marmalade Muffins - Chocolate Orange Cookies - Rusks -Carrot Flapjack - Vegan Dandelion Fritters -Golden Oat CookiesStrawberry Plether - Spicy Haw and Apple Pleather -Plum and Anise PleatherNasturtium Flower Jelly 

Soy Free

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