Free Cookzines

I had the idea of writing zines that would showcase a single ingredient: how to grow them, how to eat them, how to cook them. I wanted as many people to be able to get a copy as possible so I made it short and sweet so you could print it and fold it up yourself.
Nasturtium Jelly from Eat Your Nasturtium
Each of the zines contains growing tips, sometime foraging tips, a few simple ideas for eating them and recipes. At least one recipe will be exclusive to the zine and all of the recipes are suitable for vegans.

Depending on which country you are in you can print off either a letter version or an A4 version. Then you just fold it up following the instructions here.

Wild Garlic Crackers from Eat Your Wild Garlic
Feel free to share these with people, print them off, give them out, link them back here, whatever. Just keep my name on the back.

Eat Your Nasturtiums 

Nasturtium Pakora

Eat Your Wild Garlic


Wild Garlic Pasta

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