Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Mushroom Chilli Noodle Bowl

Following the last entry about my perfect comfort food I went over my Mushroom noodle bowl recipe. It has the chewy meatiness of the mushroom, the carby comfort of the noodles and the lovely, deep heat of Chili Bean Sauce.

As much as I love finding four types of soy sauce in my local Tesco and garam massala (rather than just curry powder) at my old Morrisons I'm always disappointed by the lack of chili bean sauce. Why? Well it's yummy. It makes everything hot, of course, but the heat is really an after taste. Before you get the deep flavours, the beans, the slight smoky edge and hint of sweetness.

It's well worth getting hold of some if you can. I got mine from Kim's Thai Supermarket in Manchester's China town. Fellow Torquay residents can find it in the Chinese shop just off Belgrave road. In the UK it can be ordered online from Wing Yip.

Ingredients (for one person, multiply as desired)  
A hand full of mushrooms
Noodles (mine are wheat flour noodles that come in single servings)
3 cups of mushroom stock
1 tablespoon of hosin sauce 
2 teaspoons of chili bean sauce
2 teaspoons of sugar
Oil for frying and salt to taste
Garnish: here I used chili flakes and red onion to add a crunch. Other ideas are spring onion and/or freshly chopped chili. 

  • Put the noodles on the boil for as long as the packet tells you to.
  • While you are doing that fry the mushrooms in a bit of oil. Use the pan you'll be making the broth in to save on washing up.
  • Drain the noodles and place in the serving bowl.
  • When the mushrooms are done put to one side and heat the stock on a medium heat until it starts to simmer. 
  • Add the hosin sauce, chili bean sauce and sugar and simmer for five minutes
  • Taste the stock and add some salt if you're into it.
  • Bring to the boil and immediately pour over the noodles. You want the top of the noodles just to poke out from the broth.
  • Place the mushrooms and the garnish on top and if you have some extra spoon over some stock. Pretty as a picture. 

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