Friday, 19 December 2008


I don’t really have the same definition of comfort food as most people. I mean I really love the carby greasy stuff but Mac and Cheese has to get me in a more upbeat mood. Mainly because in the aftermath I have to wash at least two pans and a casserole. Time and time again when I’m needing comfort I reach for the spicy foods. Indian usually but anything is good with an extra teaspoon of chilli flakes.

Perhaps I shouldn’t admit this but each and every time my I was sick as a child my Mum bought me chips and curry sauce. My Mum is a nurse so her cold remedy was basically suck it up 'cause all of those pills are placebos. She did have a strong belief in a few things helping. Keep you head elevated, your drinks icy (numbs the throat) and you food spicy. So every time I was sick she bought me chips in curry sauce.

So as the winter gets cold and the people around me get fluy I’m turning to recipes that add an extra kick. First was the inauthentic but yummy Mushrooms and Vegetables in sweet and sour sauce from Leiths Vegetable Bible
(which hardly ever leaves my shelf, the bible format being unappetizing and the dishes being rather retro) My vegetables where broccoli and swiss chard from the box with red pepper for colour. It was dotted with some lovely fried tofu slices.

Then it was the BBQ baked tofu from Veganomicon
with Chilli Greens (more swiss chard) and Garlic Crisps from New Vegetarian. Garlic crisps? Shallow fried pieces of garlic? I've never had this why?

My mouth waters thinking of it.

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