Thursday, 11 December 2008

Riverford, my gods

Yay! It’s Riverford Box day. So here is the retrospective from the last two weeks of eating followed by vegetable porn and me sounding like a Riverford advertorial.

The main disappointment about last week was me. I have no desire to cook. It was pathetic. And it led to my first Riverford casualties. Unfortunately the parsnips got mouldy before I could give them a try. So the veggie dishes have been lacklustre and the food porn even worse. Not helped, of course, by that axis of the earth thing; we’re eating in the dark. Damn winter!

Red pepper was used in pizza and for stuffing with lovely, spiced

Orla potatoes which where also baked (with two thumbs up from Stephen) and used to make potato bread. As well as contributing to samose stuffing with

Carrots which also had a bit of a glaze shoved on them to serve with mac and cheese and contributed to my breakfast for the next week. Those lovely carrot and raisin muffins.
Parsnips unfortunately died.

Red onions have been put on sandwiches and are still around waiting to be put on sandwiches. If anyone has more creative ideas let me know.

Purple sprout broccoli has definitely endeared myself to it as I ate it for the very first time in all manner of stir fries.

This week We've got some lovely stuff. I supplemented my veg box with some extras. The bean burgers have made an appearance again, as has the tofu. I ordered some garlic and some ginger too. Stephen wants to make his special Swiss Potato Soufflé this week so I got a carton of eggs for that. All were delivered speedily to my door like clockwork on Thursday around 3ish.

The small veggie box contained cosmos potatoes (which Stephen has already started eating in a potato/cheese concoction), onions, carrots, mushrooms, calabrese, and swiss chard. I'm very excited about trying swiss chard. Yup, I'm a swiss chard virgin how much do I suck. And as a great lover of mushrooms I really can't wait to get stuck into the Riverford ones.

Actually I couldn't wait. I knocked up a burger last night. A nice, big, so full it falls apart burger. Caramelized onions, fried mushrooms, spicy beany, slice of fake cheese and Vegan Dad's hamburger buns. I ate with my fingers, made a mess and bloody well enjoyed myself.

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