Saturday, 29 November 2008

It’s the new organic box!

I know I took my time but the word layoff is in the air lately and I’m awfully stressed. And I have that type of headache were it feels like my brain is bouncing around every time I move. But I guess it can’t be.

This week one of my box ingredients was missing an another came in its place. It ruined my idea for making potato and kale enchiladas with cabbage instead of the kale but it is a very special veg. I’m going to sound very sad here I know but I have never had Purple Sprout Broccoli. I have seen it around, figured it was too expensive and thrown it back. So I’m excited about trying that.

As well as the purple sprout broccoli we also got orla potatoes, red onions (not UK grown), carrots, parsnips and red peppers (not UK grown) As always the quantities are massive. Plus I have the worlds most giant parsnip in my cupboard.

I also ordered a couple of other organic lovelies. I had some spicy bean and tofu burgers and a block of tofu made by these chaps The tofu is wonderfully soft and I’m really looking forward to making it into something spicy. I’ve already had one of the burgers and it’s just melt in your mouth delicious.

Oddly enough the first thing I made with the veggies this week was pizza. I had the day off Friday (hence the layoff stress, Friday is the busy day and they didn’t need me) which meant I could prepare food before I went to Oxfam. I made my tomato sauce and dough. Then I left the dough to rest when I went out. Yeah it was like four times the size and threatening to destroy the new mixer by the time we came in. Scary.

By the time I’d tamed it, added the tomato and the toppings it was fine. Stephen had a cheese and tomato pizza, Is stuffed a calzone with tomato sauce, red onion, red peppers and black olives. Very yum. Although mine wasn't as photogenic without natural light.

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