Thursday, 27 November 2008

Eating my way through the box

It’s been two weeks since my super exciting veggie box arrived. There is a new one coming tonight and most of the old one has been eaten. We still have some onions out, some cauliflower waiting to be frozen, half a cabbage to eat tonight and two beetroots that may or may not be okay to eat tonight.

To recap what happened to it all we’ll go through it one by one:

Raja potatoes: we where given a good sized stack and made use of them in the way only we can. Stephen boiled some and made them into potato bread, I backed some up with spices. They also found their way into the (yucky!) Indian bread and potato cakes, home fries, and aloo gobi. We nibbled on them like there was no tomorrow.

Onions it’s hard to say what I use onions for, the only thing I can remember putting them in he aloo gobi but I’m sure they featured on a fair few other dishes too.

Parsnips and Beetroot where used mainly in my experiments to get the best vegetable crisps. I preferred the taste of the beetroot when coated with chilli and the parsnips taste great all cajuned up. I’m sure the beets would have too if I hadn’t over estimated the cooking time. But beets look cute burned. Next time put parsnips and potatoes in first then beetroot. Two rather wilted beetroots are hoping to be able to be latkes tonight. We’ll see.

Cauliflower generally not a favourite of mine (I hate, hate, hate it!) because of its tendency to look like a rabbits brain in formaldehyde (thank you, year nine biology) but I managed to stomach it as aloo gobi. Of course I waited until last night to try it. And undercooked it. Next time I won’t shun you half as much cauliflower.

Green cabbage made an excellent stir fry.

I’m incredibly happy with it all. I got to experiment, eat things I’d never buy in the supermarket and play with new foods. The new box should come today. The camera and I are waiting.

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