Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Stuffed peppers. They are the vegetarian option cliché. Along with pasta in tomato sauce, unseasoned tofu and wilted lettuce. Honestly that's why I've never bothered to try one before. Just too obvious.

I had a pepper left out of my Riverford box. A red one and I had memories of my past. My omni past. The fourth cookbook I ever bought. Cooking Like Mummyji.

Cooking Indian food in a tiny shared kitchen. The room mate who would theatrically gag each time I fried onions and garlic or used any form of spice. Spices that I had to keep in my wardrobe because I had no room anywhere else.

From the time I started cooking for myself I started cooking veggie food. I was one of those humane meat people and only bought organic. I could afford it once or twice a month so the rest of the time I went with a carefully stocked store cupboard and pitifully few fresh vegetables.

Now I'm trying to cram as many vegetable as possible. Riverford is spoiling me. And I just happened to notice that I have all the vegetables for a recipe that has been earmarked since I bought this book.

Shimla mirch parkhe. Stuffed peppers. Stuffed with spicy mashed potatoes and roasted until the outside is a sexy mix of soft red and caramelized brown. On a bed of cumin and onion rice memorised from the sequel: A Year of Cooking Like Mummyji

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