Friday, 18 July 2008

Animal free, environmentally friendly cupcake

I suppose it’s not entirely sin free to eat cupcakes in the first place what with starving children and my ever expanding waist line but… well… chocolate! Green & Blacks 70% stuff to be exact.The recipe is ‘Charming Chocolate Cupcakes’ from How it All Vegan.

We made a couple of alterations. First we switched the 2 cups of chocolate chips to 1 cup of Green & Blacks I thought that two cups would be too strong. Then we exchanged the molasses for treacle.

I managed to ladle the mix into 12 of my reusable cupcake cases (obtained from habitat) and three tester cupcakes in the mini ones. There was some exceptionally floury mix left over.

The mini ones came out of the oven first for our test. I was very glad to have halved the amount of chocolate because they weren’t exactly sweet. According to Stephen’s Dad using molasses would have made it sweeter but I also would have had to buy it and I’d rather spend my money on Green & Blacks. Then and there we decided to ice it.

Clare and Stephen's Emergency Icing

Our icing (once they were cooled down) was an improvised affair. This makes just enough to ice 12 cupcakes and is ridiculously yummy.

110g icing sugar
2 tablespoons soymilk
2 tablespoons drinking chocolate (or coco powder if you have it)

Slowly mix the soymilk into the icing sugar until combined into a runny slime. Just a tad runnier than treacle is my preferred level of viscosity.

Add the drinking chocolate until a nice shade of brown.

Heap on the cupcakes, spooning the mixture onto the centre first and letting it run down before lightly filling in the edges.

Dip finger in leftovers and lick off.

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