Friday, 8 August 2008

BBQ weather

The Morley family have eaten fish and chips on a Friday night since menus began. I don’t like to mess that much with tradition. Clearly, as fish is not suitable for vegetarians, I mess with the fish part but chips work. Chips are good. Mmmm… chips.

To complete my plate of healthy goodness I made the ‘Baked BBQ Tofu’ from Veganomicon. It was delicious but super filling. I left four lonely triangles on the plate. 

The tofu can be glazed with either of the two barbeque sauces in the Vcon. I chose to use the ‘Backyard BBQ Sauce’ as I’m not really on friendly terms with apricots. I was just throwing everything in to the sauce pan on Wednesday night when my Dad rang. I watched the onions brown off while I was chatting to him.

“What are you doing?” spoke the Daddy.

“Making BBQ sauce,” quoth Clare

“Is the weather that nice?”

Well I shouldn’t admit this, as my wages are based on the prosperity of the tourism industry, but it wasn’t. It wasn’t at all. This week it has been raining very hard. Spots of sun have broke through to make people sweat in their raincoats but mostly we’ve been soaked. Today wasn’t actually wet but the sky has been looking ominous. The weather forecast for tomorrow looks terrifying. 

‘Baked BBQ Tofu’ is food for a rainy day. It warms up your tummy just right. But I do wish I’d have gotten to eat it in the sunshine. 

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