Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Naughty books and nice books

When I get a new cook book I like to flick through all recipes, go back and read the introduction, flick through the recipes and then I start with the list. The list is a way to keep track of every recipe I want to make out of a book. Most recipes never do get made – hell most book’s lists are lost – but some do. Here are two.

First up was Monday night’s Indian Potato Cake from Vegan Cooking for One. The jist is you mash ‘cooked’ potato (I assumed boiled but it didn’t say) with bread soaked in water. I used the raja from the box. It was disgusting putting my hands in it to make the cakes up and the taste? Well even Stephen, scared of all spices, said they where too bland. Not a great vote of confidence for Vegan Cooking for One. Should I even bother trying something else?

However tonight we ate from the Veganomicon. I had the marinated portobellos (Stephen swapped this for frozen breaded turkey) and we split a portion of home fries. I’m so stuffed I can hardly move. Looks like I’ll have to go through the Veganomicon’s list again soon.

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