Friday, 30 January 2009

Silent seeds

It was ten in the morning here before I could finally switch the office light off. The sun seems to have been chased away by these giant clouds. The rain is good for the Christmas tree (in it’s pot we couldn’t bare to throw it away) sitting out on the balcony but lack of light makes me worry about my babies inside.

I hate this part of the germination process. I’m an impatient mother. I want to know if it has worked or not, if I planted them too early, if there is too much water, or not enough. But everything is invisible to me. The action is all below the compost and I’m left to worry. Anxiously checking the plant pots two or three times a day for the tiniest disturbance of soil.

Please let them be okay.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Clare.

    Did your plants survive the snow? Was freezing here. Just as well we haven't put any plants out yet!!!

    Got some nice photos of the snow covered garden now. Apparently they're forecasting more for here!!

    Well hope you're ok.