Sunday, 22 March 2009

Earning my hippy licence

More from Ultimate Natural Beauty Book. One of the sidebars recommends a tisane of Hibiscus flowers as a rinse for red hair. Okay my hair isn't naturally red but let's pretend. Hibiscus and rose hip teabags can be obtained from Holland and Barret so I thought it would be easy enough to give a go in tonight's shower.

But why - I though - waist the energy to boil tea just to have it cool, just so I can put it on my hair? So I followed the instructions for sun tea from You Grow Girl i.e shove it in a glass pot and leave it out in the sun.

I came home after a day out in Hackney Marshes to find a big jar of red on my balcony. While at the marshes I harvested some young nettles for another hair preparation. Without gloves. I know it was rather stupid. the hairs protruded through the bags and I got stung. Oh well, lesson learned. As every kid knows a dock leaf helped out.

Moving on. Also inspired by my recent love of knocking up potions I made an order from Jekka's Herb Farm. I have some borage seeds coming as well as aloe vera, lavender, soap wort and chamomile plants. All organic, great stuff.

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