Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Life in the letter box

God knows how much I like to have stuff delivered. It's a multi day shopping experience. I research, check websites, make wish lists, fill baskets, un-fill baskets. A day later I make the order after two or three days it comes in the post. I'm currently awaiting Japanese seasoning and bento accessories.

When I got back from visiting Donald (as in Duck, my other boyfriend) my ordering was all about seeds. I'd come up with lists and plans before I went. They were largely inspired by the lists in book The Window-box Allotment with a few added baby varieties and some favourites of mine from last year. Some of them have Alan Titchmarsh's face on them.

For planting later this month I've got
  • Carrots: Nantes 2
  • Lettuce: salad bowl
  • Perpetual Spinach
  • Calendula
And for next month
  • Beetroot: Pronto (baby! baby!)
  • Rocket
  • Red Basil
  • Runner beans: Scarlet Emperor (pictured above)
I've started the mint and cauliflower already. The cauliflower is for transplanting in may. It's another baby variety and mini heads are supposed to pop up in 17-20 weeks. I'm planting one a week or so until I have the four I want. I'm hoping this will stop me from having a rush on cauliflower (something I should have thought about with the tomatoes) but it freezes so well I don't think I'd mind.

I want to sink two pots of mint into my big herb pot when it is finally assembled. I'm hoping the pots will help to contain it. Even a little. The pots themselves are repurposed yoghurt pots. Another advantage of getting it in a bigger size!

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