Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Welcome home

Oh dear, oh dear. After two weeks and a bit away I come back home to be met with the most disappointed look in my life. My baby blackcurrant bush is not happy.

"He left me out in the cold and he didn't water the tomatoes enough."

"But you both look well."

"Well we're not. You can't just plant us, promise us a new home and abandon us."

"I didn't abandon you..."

But it's no use. Blackcurrant is mad. As the frost (slowly!) dies out we're having him practise being outside. 9 'til 5 he stands on the balcony. His strong British leaves can take the wind.

The tomatoes still stand on the windowsill. I put in too many seeds to make up for my lack of skill but so far they are all doing well. The spare ones will be donated to the Torre Abbey plant sale. I don't even like raw tomatoes.

The herbs are all slowly going through their various stages of infancy. Chives have been added to the collection. Seeds thrown in the pot the night before I left.

There where a lot of good things about my two weeks in Disney World. They know how to cook quinoa for one thing. But I missed the British soil and, of course, the babies.

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