Monday, 16 March 2009

This big!

With thanks to boyfriend for the chocolate brownies!

The nursery window is starting to empty out. In the last few days spring has arrived, miraculously and undeniably. The tomatoes have shot up. The parsley is egging for room. I even managed to wear sunglasses!

My herbs have all grown big enough to pop on their permanent windowsill above the kitchen sink. The basil seems to be lagging behind a bit but my tomatoes are months away so I can wait.

Blackcurrant is now a permanent resident of the balcony and the tomatoes are out in their little cloches getting used to the daytime sun.

Most excitingly I've done the first bit of sowing outside. The pot here is my salad pot. One corner is getting tomato, the other rocket. But the two I've popped in already are the salad bowl lettuce and the perpetual spinach.

The nursery windowsill is still home to the cauliflower and mint. As well as the tomatoes reserved for the plant sale.

I still need a further four or five bags of compost. Anyone want to help me carry them?

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