Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Cures for Anxiety

I worry about the plants. Well of course I do, it's 8:22 and already I've hyperventilated today. But I worry a lot about the plants.

How can those tiny stems, only now poking up through the soil turn into a beetroot before winter? How can that green blob at the top of my soil grow leaves, start climbing and produce beans?

They are so small, so delicate. How am I ever going to get food from something so tiny?

Yesterday the tomatoes relived me of my worry. The beautiful yellow blossoms have been spotted. Hey, I've even got a baby tomato.

The tomato plant in question had a conception as accidental as mine. It was emerging from a tray of chives when I returned from Florida. Obviously a mix up in sowing.

I transplanted him and his brother into tiny pots of their own originally destined for the Torre Abbey plant sale (26th for those wondering)

The plant sale tomatoes left the nest before they could be donated. I swapped one for a Rosemary and gave another to Stephen's Dad. All that was left was my one accidental tomato plant.

Boyfriend suggested we leave it as an indoor plant to observe the differences. I transplanted it to a larger pot and a higher window. Almost immediately we noticed the flowers.

As the flowers depart, leaving tiny shrivelled yellow cases at the bottom of the pot, the stems support a tiny green jewel. Our first tomato.

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