Saturday, 18 April 2009

Garden Round Uping


Suddenly I feel the need for decorative plants. Nothing fussy though. The deep red picture on a pack of sweet peas (beaujolias, from the rather odd Laura Ashley seed collection) Sun flowers to attract bees in the shape of dwarf little leo and impractically large but red black magic. Poppies too. A nice subdued mother of pearl and because subdued isn't my style the nutty bright red field poppy. Because I can't remember what they taste like I also got a pack of radishes.

Planted the sweet peas directly outside rather than miss the season and have to start next year. I wedged two radishes where I could find space. I can't remember where that was...


Borage and chives have appeared from my first herby pot. Some rather weedy looking coriander is poking through.


Stephen got inspired by Gardener's World and just had to buy a jasmine to creep around our balcony. I bought an aubergine plant marketed at kids (it came in a bright yellow pot!!!) and a grown-ups pepper plant.

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