Wednesday, 8 April 2009

God damn it another garden round up


We bought a (rather disappointing) gardening magazine that came with free seeds. Swede, courgette, dill, parsley and spring onion. I've wedged the dill and spring onions into this years planting plan everything else will have to wait.

I've planted some beetroot, spring onion and carrots in my giant roots tub. Planting beetroot clockwise around the edge and spring onion and carrot in rows until I run out of room. A few more spinach beets and salad bowl lettuce went into the salad pot.


Cauliflower and beefsteak tomatoes have appeared. I planted a late clove of garlic out of frustration that all my cloves had sprouted. After weeks of silence that has shot up.


A tomato plant for a rosemary. The rosemary is waiting optimistically for me to get it a new pot. God damn those things are hard to carry home though!

Unfortunately my hands where shaking too much for a picture (that's what I get for gardening in my PJs) but it's wild Wednesday tonight.

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