Friday, 17 April 2009

Rivierford's 'Easy Biscuits'

I seem to have come down with whatever's been ailing Clare for the last week, and had to take the day off work. To cheer myself up, this evening I made Riverford's 'Easy Biscuits', from the newsletter that arrived with today's Riverford box (recipe here). The recipe has the nice feature of all the quantities being in simple ratios, but I still managed to make hard work out of it. I learnt two three important lessons:

1) If you use electronic scales, make sure you have a spare battery (although scale makers could help by putting the low battery indicator alongside the weight display, rather than replacing it)

2) Check whether the oven should be pre-heated before you start (although recipe writers could help by mentioning this at the start of the recipe)

3) If you face a choice of either starting a new tray with only two biscuits on it, or eating two biscuits' worth of cookie dough, choose the former (now I know why Dad would only let us eat small quantities of the dough when we made things with him)

They were very nice. Hopefully that's because I managed to guess the quantities correctly after the scales died - otherwise it will be like MacArthur Park, all the sweet green icing flowing down ('cause I made it too runny) and I'll never have that recipe again.

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