Saturday, 13 June 2009

Our obsessions

I suppose I don't need to point that out but Stephen loves potatoes. I mean loves. To him they are the perfect food and while I often consider them boring or unattractive sometimes I have to agree. When I taste them baked, roasted or cooked in parchment I feel like I'm coming to my senses. I love the potato too.

The potatoes out of the box at the moment are loose skinned. Straight out of the ground their skin hasn't yet formed its protective barrier. It makes them different in a way that a potato expert could tell you more about but not me. All I know is that it's more delicate, more adorable, more suitable to be cooked and served simply.

The first time we baked them and served them with chive butter (vegan marge actually) each time since we have followed the lead of Riverford and cooked them in parchment (recipe here, try it). Served simply with a veggie on the side or a salad. That's the way to go. Let potatoes play the main role.
As for my obsession. That's easy. Strawberries. I gave up eating out of season strawberries when I was sixteen. Shortly after it was followed by giving up eating anything that isn't British. Strawberries are expensive - to my budget at least - and I'm not going to pay for something that is mostly water. It's worth the wait. Sometime I can get them by my birthday, sometimes I have to wait until june. Either way I know it's going to be good.

I eat my strawberries with a nod to minimalism. No sugar, no cream. I grab the green bit and tear away the flesh with my teeth. If I come across a glut (although not exactly a glut in the traditional sense) then I may be tempted to make a smoothy with them or a cordial. But for now I'll just nibble at the fleash and enjoy every seccond.

The box has brought two more tastes of summer. Little gem lettuce (another adorable veg! This time of year is so cute) and bunched onions. Althought I'm a big fan of onioions I can't say they have ever excited me. Not until now that is. Amazing what a bit of green can do.

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