Thursday, 18 June 2009

Spinach, two ways

I know I like to bang on about the benefits of the box both loudly and frequently but it really is awesome. The benefit I'm enjoying right now is that getting seasonal produce delivered in a big box gives me time to play with the vegetables, learn about them and enjoy their company.

Three vegetables from the box have been keeping my tummy filled this week. The tomatoes, the onions and the spinach. They can be combined in many different ways and the following two meals are spread around the world in inspiration. But they still taste lovingly of tomatoes, onion and spinach.

When I was visiting Mickey Mouse I often ate the pasta at the make your own pasta station. Sure it always began with

"....and no meat with...."

"What kind of meat?"

"No meat."

"No meat?"

"No thank you."

but it tasted good. You could combine one of three sauces and pastas with any combination of toppings you like. I often think of the number of toppings when I think I have nothing but pasta to eat. And I think of the fearlessness and the quick hands of the cooks when I throw them into a pan.

Three of those toppings are in this pasta dish. I used chopped spinach leaves, roasted red peppers, and chopped onions. I tossed them, over a medium gas, with olive oil and my spelt pasta. The tomatoes came as decoration and on the bruschetta (or toasted leftover bread wira bito' garlic on as it's also also known) on the side. The tomatoes where drizzled with balsamic vinegar and olive oil and left in the oven for two hours. They where deliciously sweet.

The next day I pounded to the tomatoes and onions into the basic curry sauce from The Asian Vegan Kitchen. The book says that it is great over any cooked vegetable so I stashed the sauce in my fridge before going out.

After I'd come home I cooked some spinach and mixed in the sauce. I was aiming for an equalish mix of the two. It paid off. It was a rich curry but the fresh taste of the vegetables really shone through.

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