Tuesday, 15 September 2009


So what did I do with my masses of tomatoes? For some of them the answer is nothing yet They are still safely ripening by the kitchen windows.

But I did manage to make a jar and a half of tomato passata. Pictured here in it's recycled jar it too an hour of cooking, another hour of forcing into the jar and a shed load of washing up. And, god, it tastes like heaven. We have a full jar in the fridge. I imagine we'll have pizza night this week to polish it off.

The ones that are slowly ripening are being used as and when. Lunch at the moment is a mixture of them, slow roasted, with some gorgeous local goats cheese. It's called Pennard Vale and we bought it from the cheese shop in Totnes. It's quite strong with a very creamy, soft feel. You can definitely taste the goat. It's perfect with the tomatoes. Here on toast, today on pasta.

And also, in a ramble that has absolutely nothing to do with tomatoes I bought some sweet corn. I feel in love with them when I was buying Guide badges in Newton Abbot. Conversation about them with boyfriend as follows.

'Quick, do you have a quid?'

'I think so,' he looks, 'why?'

'I want to buy corn, and they are 50p each.'

'What do you mean corn?'

'What do you mean, "What do I mean corn"?'

'I mean, what do you mean by corn.'

That established I bought some. It may not seem ground breaking to some so I'll explain that in the UK sweetcorn is generally sold trimmed. With the nice protective green bits pulled off. If you are thinking 'well that's rather bloody useless' (or the same thought without the British accent) you'd be right. It is.

Of course now I've bought it there is some coming in the Riverford box. How will I manage?

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