Wednesday, 21 April 2010

New Toy

We had a Pampered Chef fundraiser for our summer trip at Guides. If you've never experienced it the general script is this: someone comes in and shows you how to cook some stuff using the world's most useful kitchen gadgets ever. As she demonstrates you plan your kitchen around all this new awesomeness. Of course you will convert all your cook wear to stone, the mini tart case is just crying out for me to learn how to make tarts, and never mind that your cheaper electric one does it better that cutty thing will change your life.

Of course a week later you realize it was mostly lies. Your head will ache, your mouth will be dry. You realise that a garlic press that also peels the garlic isn't the second coming. It just saves you the twenty or so seconds it takes you to peel a clove of garlic.

Unfortunately by this point it's just too late. You fill out an order form on the night and now all those slightly generic or oddly specific gadgets you fell in love with are on their way. Unless you have a sensible boyfriend who says yes we can spend this £10 on some squirty icing things but we're far too poor to buy a stone casserole for the 2 occasions a year that you make casserole before being reminded that neither of us really like them.

So we only bought icing squirties. They arrived a few days ago and this morning I used them to practise my butter cream rosettes on mini (about an inch across!) vanilla cup cakes.

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