Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Malthouse flour bread rolls

This is the fourth in a series of posts documenting my adventures with less common flours. Today: malthouse flour. (Previously: white spelt flour. Next: buckwheat flour.)

Doves Farm's malthouse flour is a fairly inexpensive malted flour (£1.39/kg) made from brown wheat flour with 15% malted wheat flakes and 3.6% rye flour. Malting is a process by which grain is left to germinate before being roasted to prevent further growth. Malted grains have a sweet flavour due to sugars produced during germination. Malted flour is often described as ‘granary’ flour, but this term is actually a trademark of Hovis, and only bread made with their flour can legally be described as ‘granary’.

Once again I made four small rolls. I'm a fan of malted bread, and I found this malted flour mix to make particularly tasty bread, with a slightly sweet taste and a much softer, lighter texture than with some malt flours I've previously used — it was possibly the best malted bread I've had. Clare, however, preferred the rolls made with the barleycorn flour.

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