Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Strawberry Season

Our strawberries are slowly creeping towards ripeness. It's fantastic news but you do have to face certain facts about what this means as a balcony gardener. First, I'm never going to grow enough that I'll have enough to preserve. Even with Stephen being the type of person that likes strawberry jam but not the fruit. The second is that I'm probably not going to get enough ripe at the same time to eat a big bowl either.

But today I had a small handful, the balcony's way of proving that yield is nothing compared to a home grown strawberry. So I had a handful of strawberries and a desire to make them into something truly special. What to do? Well it was bullet biting time. I pulled Vegan Brunch off the shelf and finally, finally opened it to the crepe recipe.

And for all my foot dragging it was easy. Of course it was, I'm English, a life time of pancake days has prepared me. Vegan crepes? No problem. Delicious, fast and just a little bit decadent paired with home grown strawberries and chocolate sauce.

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