Saturday, 17 July 2010

Eating Out in Torquay, Serendipity

We've been to cute as a button cafe Serendipity before but this time we pulled in fully intending to be fed. It's lunch time and while chain pasty shops (or worse, pasty in a microwave shops) have their place we just weren't feeling up to it. So time to try and find a local business, easy walk from the harbour, with not just your obvious choices. So Serendipity then?

Stephen was impressed that the menu offered to make milkshake out of any one of their large selection of gorgeous ice creams. He went for green mint. Wonderfully frothy on top, sprinkled with chocolate. I had the slightly more sedate choice of apple juice. After the morning I needed refreshing.

To start with we shared a slab of bread. Nice bread. Soft, fluffy bread. The olive oil was light and refreshingly fruity although being a terrible person I stuck to the butter with occasional dips of balsamic and salt. More salt then balsamic to be honest.

Then our proper lunch arrived. Stephen, the newly converted pescetarian, had Smoked Haddock and Potato Pancake. Mainly ignoring the creamed leek topping, through no fault of its own. I had the special; frittata with goats cheese and red onion.

Our food was lovely, light and refreshing, perfect lunch food. But I'm glad we ordered that slab of bread to fill us up.

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