Thursday, 25 November 2010

Funny Thursdays: Chicken Style

It's our final funny Thursday and while I was sorely tempted to try the veggie haggis I came to my senses just in time. I actually tried for a third Redwood product with their new Meat Free Southern Fried Chicken Style Pieces.

I tried the nuggets here with some sweet potato fries and while it's admittedly a bit on the brown side actually this is probably the best of the bunch. I really enjoyed the spicy crumb and the texture was more mimicking breast meat then reconstituted chicken which is a big complaint with me. If I hated reconstituted chicken as a meat eater why would I want something that mimicked it? The only complaint I had was that the colour of the 'meat' was a little dark.

Over all a really tasty product that I definitely would try again. The burgers in the same range are also on my list. I started Funny Thursdays not as a great lover of mock meat and while I didn't eat anything horrible I wasn't convinced 100% Mock meats definitely have their place, and can be really enjoyable. It's just a matter of separating the wheat from the chaff. And as soon as I work out how to do that without giving the god-awful ones a try I might like mock meat a bit more.

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