Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Wicked Wednesday: Chocolate Ice Cream

So Stephen has his signature brown bread ice cream. It comes out for parties and it makes me jealous. But it has diary and eggs so I think it's about time for me to make a happy cow and happy chicken ice cream. A signature ice cream for Clare? It has to have chocolate.

I took the recipe from Veganomicon using, of course, the chocolate variation. And, although it has been on the shopping list since we moved in, I don't have an ice cream machine so I had to churn it by hand.

If you don't have an ice cream machine and you want to make some anyway don't be afraid. Hand churning is totally easy. The hardest thing about it is setting aside the time but you can easily do it on an evening in.

Follow the recipe to the bit where it says put it in the machine. Instead put the bowl and it's contents in the freezer with your most trusted spoon. Then after half an hour bring it out. It should have started to freeze around the edge of the bowl. Your job now is to mix it all together. The aim is to get it to freeze at the same time. Stop mixing and put it back in the freezer when the mixture is the same constancy throughout.

You'll need to churn every half hour. It will be getting thicker and harder to mix. You can stop when the entire bowl is the same consistency as ice cream. Or at bed time. It took us around six hours.

One last instruction: it has to be left at room temperature for 15-20 mins before eating. Then just sit back and enjoy the indulgence. Mine is served here with vegan chocolate buttons but if I wasn't taking a picture most likely I would have ate it out of the tub.


  1. OMG, that looks so chocolaty and luscious. I heart chocolate ice cream.


  2. Your patience to hand churn this is impressive! Wish I had the same thing... :)

  3. That sounds amazing, and I'm impressed that you did it by hand!

  4. Oh yum, chocolate ice cream's my favourite! An ice cream maker's been on my wish list for ages but I'd never considered hand churning it - I'm going to though, you've inspired me!

  5. I loove chocolate ice cream! Your's looks great.

    And hey, I saw you mentioned my post as the post that made you happy over at the headquarters giveaway. I am so happy I made you smile!

  6. I've not made ice-cream by hand, the closest and its not close really is sorbet. Admire your patience. Adore the little choclate ears too.

  7. awesome! you just made me even more excited for Veganomicon to come in the mail!

  8. It's time to take out the ice cream maker - this looks yummy. Love the chocolate button Mickey Mouse ears!