Thursday, 23 December 2010

Cute Little Sausages

The thing about being vegetarian is that everyone expects you to miss certain foods. Bacon, mainly in my family. It's hard to explain but for me while I miss various tastes or experiences I never really miss the meat. I guess what I'm saying is that I miss the K and the F rather than missing the C.

And it isn't so much the sophisticated stuff that I miss. I really did love mini hot dogs at the buffets that my family put on at this time of year. Vegetarian hot dogs taste much more hot doggie than the 'real' thing so the taste was there but it wasn't really small enough to hit the spot. So I'm totally happy with these mini sausages from Redwoods. All three come in the one pack: chorizo style, pork style and hot dog style. They will be appearing on our Christmas dinner plates instead of the pigs in blankets Stephens family will be eating.

Feel free to discuss all accidental double entendre in the comments

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