Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Spot On AmnesTea 2010

Last year we held an AmnesTea where Stephen works. Everyone brought in a dish and a small donation and we spent lunch chatting and eating. We raised a respectable amount and had fun doing it so another one was ordered for this year.

Strangely I scaled back on my cooking, I know that's not like me at all, but I did spend most of this year eating the leftover chilli and with everyone else throwing themselves into the spirit of things we needed twice the table space anyway. My contributions were a Coffee Cake (I know I make a lot of these but I will not apologise, they always go down well!) and a focaccia in three sections - one olive, one tomato and one rosemary and sea salt.

No regrets: everything was lovely and I got to spend time with my boyfriend and some of my favourite people. Then I went home and slept off the massive amount of food. And for the bit that really counts: we opened up the donation box and found a small but perfectly formed chunk of cash. After our success with these invite only events I'm wondering about doing something more public next year. And if you want to host a similar event you can find out more here.

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