Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Too Much Spaghetti and A copy of Appetite For Reduction

Last time we where in Totnes I had to be restrained from buying Organic pasta in Thomas The Tank Engine  shapes. That's where I fall on the pasta scale. Anything novelty is awesome, big shapes, little shapes, funny colours...  So when I wanted spaghetti, the plain but comforting child, for something like six months ago and it was buy one get one free I was pretty much doomed to have it in the pantry forever.

One recipe and a bastardisation of another one from Appetite for Reduction is helping me to get my pasta supply under control. The Cajun Bean Ball & Spaghetti (without the courgette - not in season courgette tends to taste... bad) was a must try from the second I saw it and with a packet of Tempeh finally making it's way into my possession I was ready. Oh my god it's yummy. Deep, nutty bean balls, plenty of chilli and super simple spaghetti. It is such a shame Tempeh only visits our fridge once in a blue moon. Or perhaps not. This could become the Cajun Beanballs and Spaghetti blog.

To give this entry a nice little contrasting colours thing - or perhaps to use up a lingering bag of edamame in the freezer - I made the Edamame Pesto. Tossed with, spaghetti, a few olives and some garlic crisps it tastes fabulous. The leftovers also worked on a pizza.

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  1. I don't eat pasta enough.

    I have to check out Appetite for Reduction. I have no doubt when I have had the opportunity to flick through it that it will find its way to my bookshelf. Those Cajun Bean balls look real hearty.