Monday, 6 February 2012

Beginner Bento: Orange Heart Edition

Continuing with my attempts to learn to make pretty lunches for myself that I want to eat and keep me full. This was my lunch for the last Thursday volunteer day. There is a root vegetable frittata with onions, carrots and beetroots, all organic out of our Riverford box. Next to that in the garishly purple silicone cup are some baked cherry tomatoes. The recipe is a variation of the Baked Cherry Tomatoes With Pesto which itself is a variation recipe in the wonderful The Just Bento Cookbook. There is a fried rice (because I've been craving it sooo much) in the top tier with leeks and mushrooms from the box and peas from the freezer (still organic though). My fruit was a satsuma.
Love Lunch
I'm still trying to come up with ideas for my boxes. I've got a board on pintrest specially for lunch ideas. Cutting a heart out of the satsuma is on that board. Actually I wanted to do flowers but hearts are easier to cut freehand so... hearts it is. I saw it here first. I'm grateful for all the inspiration I've found and ideas I've been given. Next week I switch to part time so I'll be doing more boxes and really needing all the inspiration and ideas that can be thrown at me.

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