Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Power Of A Freezer Stash

This week my Lunch Box adventures have taught me two things. One is the importance of freezer stash. The other is the importance of broccoli. Let's rewind to Monday. I started going to yoga classes to give me a bit more strength and flexibility when I'm working. It was great, I'm listening to my body more and stretching out all the kinks that pushing a wheelbarrow around puts into it. However by Wednesday yoga + wheelbarrow = no desire to move. And I had a meeting on Wednesday evening so lunch prep time had gone out of the window. Luckily I'd been adding to my freezer stash. But, again, let's rewind to Tuesday so I can take you through the lunches.

Lovely hearty veggie packed lunch... served cold
On Tuesday I filled my Aladdin insulated lunch box  with Smoky Tempeh and Greens Stew from Appetite For Reduction and a 'lid' of brown rice. It was lovely and tasty but, by lunch, not terribly warm. After about half an hour of food sitting in the box you can warm your hands on it. That doesn't exactly say much for it's insulating properties. Neither does the fact that it is on the cold side of lukewarm by lunchtime. Even after following the packing directions exactly.
Needs more trees
By Wednesday I was back on cold food. Polenta chips with sweet chilli dipping sauce, pasta and tomato sauce and not enough broccoli. Don't know why I was so broccoli shy this week but my lunches could have done with way more broccoli. The pasta was cooked and frozen without sauce following the instructions from Lunch In A Box. In the morning I put it in the box straight from the freezer, topped it with a tablespoon or so of tomato sauce, a grind of pepper and some fresh parsley. By lunch it had defrosted without any loss of texture. Score.
Luxurious Leftovers 
With more cups of pasta still in my freezer I had an idea for Thursday morning. One thing at least to put in my box. But I'd also been saving other leftovers. When I roast the broccoli for Wednesday's box I roast the whole head and chucked the leftovers in the freezer. A bit of defrosting the next morning did me well. Also hiding there are some leftover pizzas from back in January. Not what I'd planned but still delicious.

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