Sunday, 1 April 2012

Visiting new places, trying new food

This Saturday was the AGM of the Organic Growers Alliance and my Head Grower took me to see the fun. It was held on Abbey Home Farm were she learned all about growing so she was keen to show me around and let me see how they do things. And this is what I learned.

Lesson 1: Stroud Farmer's Market For The Win*

Okay this was on the way but who could resist a visit to Stroud Farmer's Market? It was wonderful, everything a Farmer's Market should be and I'd love to go back. I suppose 130 miles every weekend is wildly impractical for a food shop though.

Lesson 2: Asparagus On The Last Day Of March

All you need to do is grow it in seaweed on the channel. We did later see that a couple of spears had popped up in Abbey Home's asparagus beds so a mainland harvest won't be too far off.

Lesson 3: Falafel For Everyone.
Not to mention hummus. Ever in Stroud on Market day and you can only go to one stall? This one!

Lesson 4: The Importance of Signs
When we finally reached Abbey Home I realised there was much more shopping to be done. Indian fabrics, home grown wool, ethical foods? Best Farm Shop Ever.

Lesson 5: Especially This One
Need I say more?

Lesson 6: Cute Packages Make Reusing Fun
Brilliantly you can get your milk in one of these lovely things if you pay a deposit and bring it back to be refilled. How planet friendly and ridiculously gorgeous.

Lesson 7: Devon Climate Wins!
This row of broad beans may be bigger, neater, and more practical but we have flowers already. Not that I wouldn't trade that for more space to grow.

Lesson 8: Ducks are Cool
And they eat slugs. And they waddle.

Lesson 9: Don't Trust Me With Money In A Farmers Market/Farm Shop
We have cream, double Gloucester, hummus and other dips, fudge, yoghurt, Abbey Home Farm Wool and some plant dyed wool Made In Stroud.

* I once went out with a guy who claimed I wasn't geeky enough to say for the win... I met my next boyfriend in an online game...

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