Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Hand Paints and Hand Prints

I hit across the idea of hand painting stripes on a top reading Tilly and the Buttons when I was off sick. Of course I had neither an unaltered, plain t-shirt or any money that week. Also couldn't really stand. So the project had to wait until the weekend. With all that extra plotting time I decided that as well as the stripey t-shirt I needed something a bit more adventurous. Off to H&M to buy my plain clothes.

From the front: a precarious balance and a stripy shirt 

The stripe painting was cool, it was lovely and easy to do especially after I decided not to match up my front and back stripes. I love the purple and turquoise combination. It was so fun that I have to come up with new colour combinations.
From the back: I never realise how much taller Stephen is until I see how all of his pictures of me are pointing down. 
For my next paint job I wanted spots. I figured that using a brush to paint them on would result in just a bit too much irregularity. I needed something circular to stamp them on. Luckily I went to primary school and was taught the power of potato prints.
Front view: I'm smiling on the outside but on the inside I'm cursing the bank holiday weather. 
You know potato prints? Where you cut a potato in half and carve out a shape? You load it with paint and go stamp, stamp, stamp? Well that is what I did. It made these gorgeous circles that I stamped in a randomish pattern. Just the right amount of irregularity.
Back veiw: I know I said I wanted one more shot but don't make me stand in the rain!

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