Thursday, 31 January 2013

Swallows Cardigan

I've taken a turn for the worse which means bad things like peeing in cups, getting prodded in the stomach*, and being stoned on antibiotics. It also means that I've been comfort crafting. 

I can't look cure when I'm this sick, have silly instead
Like the dotty cardigan I used a basic cardigan from H&M and did a quick decorating job. This time needle felting two swallows on the... well I was going for clavicle but there wasn't really enough space. 

I held this pose for another second before falling over.

*not so funny story: when I went to the creepy doctor back in October he was jabbing me around the ribs and asking if that hurt. I said no and he asked why I was wincing then. I told him it was because he was touching me. Not my diplomatic best.

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