Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Helm's A Lee

Dramatic Pose!
If you're looking at that picture you're probably thinking that this is hardly an appropriate outfit for march (it is surprisingly warm) or where the hell Stepcote Hill is (Exeter) or seriously, does England really look like that (not always but yes) or perhaps you are wondering about the gloves.

Elbow length fingerless gloves knit on painfully tiny needles in shockingly colourful Noro Kureyon with a lovely twisted stitch pattern. They are amazingly warm and squishy and comfortable and bring just the right level of WTF to an outfit.
Power Rangers Pose!

The pattern comes from Needles and Artifice; an amazing 23 pattern collection that is a delight to knit from. I have the yarn for a couple of other of them waiting to go. Just lacking the needles, and the ability to bend time.

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