Monday, 4 March 2013


I have a bit of an internal debate when it comes to growing potatoes. They take up a lot of space. They can break your heart with blight. They are just so damn cheap to buy. Even so I can't not grow potatoes. For one thing Stephen is totally in love with them. For another digging up potatoes is one of the best, most magical moments a veg garden can give you.
In the ground: Orla Potatoes at the allotment

So I'll hedge my bets, dig a couple of trenches and plant Orla. They are a first early, which means they are out of the ground before the worst of the bight, and they have a lovely flavour. We've grown them before so we know the results will be good but with the allotment we'll have a lot more space to work with.

If I was to give a bit of potato growing advice it would be to do it like I have. To pick a first early. The taste of a fresh spud is worth it and there is less chance for blight. It's the sensible way to do it. There is no point growing a main crop. By the time they are out of the ground the price of shop bought spuds is low enough that growing them seems silly and blight seriously sucks so...
Highland Burgundy Red: waiting for their go in the ground

I bought a main crop to grow too. We bought fewer of the main crop so we won't be as emotionally invested if things go wrong (I'm telling myself) We decided on our favourite variety: Highland Burgundy Red. You can check them out here. They'll go in the ground at the end of march, and we'll hope for the best.

I'm really excited!

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