Monday, 8 April 2013

Grow Write Guild Prompt #2: Describe your fantasy garden

Let's talk about the Sims. I love the Sims. I used to go buy it at opening time on release day. Not any more because of bugs but I used to do it with every new expansion pack, religiously. In the over a decade that I've been playing the various incarnations there is one thing that I've never been overly fond of and that is building.

Sure I can build my Sims the perfect house. I just don't want to. My game is more about getting a house and exploiting all the nooks and crannies, stuffing in all the stuff they need for life, making a home. The actual shape of the walls incidental, it's what you put in them that counts.
Garden anywhere, Wearing anything
And so my perfect garden is an urban back yard. Big enough to house some chickens but shoulder to shoulder with my neighbours. I want to fit my plants in, I want to be clever, to be challenged. I want a back yard and a front yard and I want them to be connected only by the house. I want to live in a terrace.
My Fridge Door: home to a giant inspiration board of gardening goodness
In my challenging, small, imperfect garden I want to grow vegetables. I want to grow nothing but vegetables. Even out front. Only 'nothing but vegetables' wouldn't really stick. Of course it wouldn't. And I'd end up with trees, herbs, edible flowers, not so edible flowers. Adopting anything that takes my fancy, no formal plan, just fitting things in where they can go.

I guess that it what makes this entry short, not to mention summing me up in my entirety. I design, live even, by reacting to what is put in front of me. I's not that I can't plan. It's just that I like chaos.

[This post was written as a response to the 2st prompt of Gayla Trail's Grow Write Guild. Check it out.]


  1. I love your fridge door full of gardening inspiration! That's really great. In a dream garden, anything is possible!

    Here's my dream garden... My Dream Garden


  2. I agree, the fridge collage is a great idea. What I liked most was your caption, "Garden anywhere, Wearing anything." One of the best parts of gardening (to me) is not caring what you look like or what you wear.