Thursday, 13 June 2013

Pickled Red Cabbabge

Being the vegetarian daughter of a meat loving Father it's not always easy to cook something he goes nuts over. I does happen though. My chilli is amazing like that.

Last year I had good reviews of my pickled red cabbage so I thought I'd do it again. Last year I got my cabbages for free being tiny, bug eaten, ugly monsters they where my reward for clearing the patch they sat on. It took about 5 of them to make two jars but at least they where free. This year I paid for my cabbage. 25p. It was in the seconds section. Another ugly bug but as it was a full sized cabbage I only needed half to make the two jars.
Political Pickle
The other difference about this years batch is that I've read Abundance (detailed reveiw forthcomeing but really? just buy it) where Alys Fowler talks about her aunt who names batches of jam after political injustices. Thought sounded amazing so the label was born.

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