Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Tie Dye

There was a week there where I was doing a hell of a lot of tie dye. It was about when I got married and I was cautioned not to make too much of a mess of my hand with all the dyes.

Dyeing is the ultimate messy science you can do at home

I helped my Brownies tie dye a shirt each (for the Science Investigator badge), did one for myself (as a test run) and then did a tunic/dress. Lots of tie dye was going down. We also had relatives over and they have an adorable small child. So while walking through H&M Stephen and the parents decided that she needed a tie dye dress.

"Well," I said, "Just pick out a white cotton dress"

We don't have the model for obvious reason but trust me, she is cute
So I mixed up some procion dyed into a bright, cute, kids colour and soaked until cool happened.

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