Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Fleece Sale

The Devon Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers had it's annual Fleece Sale and Open Day last Saturday and as I was considering joining anyway I thought I might check it out. Just a thought, not really sure. And then I was enabled. Another Devon spinner from Ravelry offered to drive me and introduce me. You see that I had to go then right?

Everyone was really friendly. The visitors, members, vendors. Lovely, lovely people. I got the recruitment talk. Not the Guild recruitment talk, I was told I looked like a Girl Guide and only hastily saying I was already one got me out of making the promise then and there.

Unfortunately I left before seeing any of the demonstrations. I'm screwed with a combination of insomnia/hay fever/asthma and made a run for it when my antihistamines wore off. But I enjoyed meeting new people and I'll be filling out the Guilds membership form soon.

That's all I did. Just talked. Aright so I also did a but of shopping. Just a bit. Not like I bought a whole fleece or anything. Fine. Just one whole fleece.

1.6kg of restraint

To be fair it's a really delicious fleece. A Shetland, first shearing, fabulous colour. The fleece goes from a light brown to a silver grey. 1.6kg, £10 for the lot. And I was so in love with the colour. I walked past it three times before inspecting it and paying up. I'm hoping to get it washed this week and no doubt there will be better pictures to come but for now I hope this gives an idea of the colour I love.

I'm not going to lie, I've made smoothies far thicker than this

Colour is often what draws me to a fibre or yarn. After buying a whole fleece based on colour love I thought buying a 50g blending bubble wasn't so bad. In this adorable package is a mix of soy, sparkly nylon and alpaca. It's got the blue/green combo I'm obsessed with right now. From Manda Crafts.
Nylon, Alpaca, Soy: I've made less nutritious smoothies too

These jewelled tone dyed Gotland locks where pic and mix. I got 50g and I regret not getting 100. Still I'm sure they'll work their way into spinning and felting projects soon. Adding a slash of gorgeous colour and some funky texture. From Sara's Texture Crafts (and her stall was so gorgeous it almost made me break the no batts and braids rule I adopted for the day)

I want to dye my hair each one of those shades (not at the same time)

A cute back of buttons came back with me from another stall. I have a feeling I'll be needing them soon.

There is always one who won't smile for the camera

I bought a new spindle. At 28g it's half the weight of my current spindle, the whorl is a lovely yew and it was only £8. I've already been using it with the one thing I didn't buy for it's colour.

What are yew looking at? (I know, I know)

50g of Banana top. I like experimenting with plant fibres and Stephen like's bananas. It seemed like a good idea. I've been spinning a little with it and it's delightful. It's from Spinning Weal and I'm sure I'll be posting more about it soon.

One of my five a day.

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