Saturday, 13 July 2013

Grow Write Guild Prompt #9: Change the lyrics of a song to reflect your relationship with a particular plant or food crop

So this challenge was technically about changing the lyrics to a song but as I have a) terrible taste in music and b) no sense of rhythm I picked a poem. Sorry.

I flicked through my portable Dorothy Parker and found last years poem. I present it here unchanged.

The Apple Tree

When first we saw the apple tree
The boughs were dark and straight,
But never grief to give had we,
Though Spring delayed so late.

When last I came away from there
The boughs were heavy hung,
But little grief had I to spare
For Summer, perished young. 

But this year requires a little butchering. My apologies to Ms Parker.

First Year's Growing (which may be based on The Lady's Reward)
Lady, lady, never start
To turn your plot with all your heart;
Keep you grass looking green;
Or your neighbours might get mean.
If your fruit you want to cook,
Net it from that god damn rook,
Never allow the weeds to grow;
So tall you cannot use the hoe
With this weather you'll need to pray
To get a cherry flower in May.
Lady, lady, never speak
Of how much you hate leek-
She will never make friends, whose
Planting follows an unusual muse
Never complain your plot is bad,
They'll think for you it's just a fad.
Never let on you know what to do,
Or you'll get a talking to-
And if you get some veggies, kid,
You’ll be the first that ever did.
I know, I know. I actually getting veggies but the the yields are low because it's our first year and anyway it rhymes so there.

A second idea comes from Stephen who is convinced that Green Day's Good Riddance opens with 'Another turnip on the fork stuck in the road'

[This post was written as a response to the 9th prompt of Gayla Trail's Grow Write Guild. Check it out.]

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