Friday, 2 August 2013

Cut your knitting, it's not magic

I'd knit socks before but I'd never had a pair that fit my feet so deliciously until I knit my first pair of Houdini Socks by Cat Bordhi (pattern, ravelry page) which I first heard about listening to the Knitmore Girls.

My First Houdini Socks

I was in love with the construction as well as the fit. Knitting a foot and then cutting it open for an afterthought leg? It's just so clever. The knitting is also really easy. Most of the time you're just knitting a tube. The two toes (one becomes the heel) are the only increasing/decreasing you'll be doing in a plain version. That makes them perfect knitting for when you have no attention span but need to keep your hands moving. The perfect insomnia project in my case. I aspire to having seven plain pairs eventually.

My Second Pair
So I always have a pair on the needles for sleepless nights, doctors waiting rooms, sick days pub knitting, and when my big project just get's too frustrating. I advocate this sock design to everyone. Often. But when I do I sometimes here doubt. You can't cut into your knitting. So I offer these pictures as proof that even a knitter like me, not terribly skilled but good at following directions can snip a stitch without disaster.

Finished Footprint

Needles in, ready to snip just one stitch 

Unravelled back to the edge

A toe becomes a heel and we're ready to knit the leg
So there you have it. Houdini sock, easier than they sound. And look. Honestly those three steps took all of 5 minutes including taking pictures. These particular socks are a gift for a friend but when they are done I'll get back to knitting my seven.

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