Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Handspun Cowl

This cowl is the Arwen Cowl by Tabitha's Heart, a pattern you can buy on Ravelry. But starting with the pattern is like starting in the middle of the story. This project was all about the yarn.

Supposed to be variations on wearing the cowl but turned out more like see how many faces I can pull.

It was my last finished yarn before TDF and as I was working with it I began to understand why people say that handspun doesn't age well. I could see every mistake I'd made in it. If I'd had only spun it after all those manic hours of spinning during the Tour. But I was in love with the colours when I spun it up and I still am. So I didn't really want to keep it off the needles.

Armed with the WPI and the yardage I delved into Ravelry and came out with he Arwen Cowl. It's a charming pattern and had just the right look. Knitting it was a tiny tiny bit frustrating as the new round often started with a yarn over. I don't think it was necessary and it made it more difficult to keep track of where the rows started and lead to a messy cast off edge (see the peak in the picture bellow?) It wasn't deal breaker annoying but I wish the pattern was just a bit more clever. Then I wouldn't have been annoyed at all.

Or I could learn to chill I suppose.

In the end the charming pattern lead to a charming finished object. I can't quite bring myself to call it my Arwen Cowl because I'm not really a Tolkien fan (please don't argue with me about that. My Dad has a Tolkien inspired tattoo so can rest assured that I've heard the arguments) Instead I call it my Otherworld Cowl because naming it based on a comic book is less nerdy right?

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