Saturday, 21 September 2013

Vegan Eats World Part 1

Yesterdays stock went into today's seitan. I cooked up a half batch of Seitan Coriander cutlets this morning and turned them into Gyro Roasted Seitan for our supper.

It turns out I have a lot to say about these Gyros. A lot a lot. Starting with how my Nan, who passed a way recently, went nuts for them after she went to Greece. I ate them remembering her. This was also the first time Stephen, who is trying to be less picky, ate seitan. He declared it a bit too lemony but is looking forward to a more seitanic future.

Let's bring it back to the food though. This is the first time I've used American Vital Wheat Gluten. You can get a box of Arrowhead Mills stuff on Amazon now. Which isn't cheapest option at 30p per oz (and it's imperial) but it isn't ridiculously expensive and it's less fuss than using the stuff you can usually get over here so I think it's worth throwing a box on to your order.

The only thing I did differently was cut the seitan into super thin strips. Then I served it up with pitta bread, lettuce, corn, potatoes, and a little chilli sauce and gobbled it all down. The recipe is, of course, from Vegan Eats World

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