Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Alpaca, soy, nylon

I've not been sinning nearly enough lately but I have got to the end of my blending bubble.  I bought my blending bubble from Manda Crafts at the Fleece Sale this summer. I loved it for it's wonderful colour pallet and I wanted to blend them a little but essentially keep them as separate colours.

When I took them to the hand cards during the Tour de Fleece I made a mixed batch of barely blended rolags. Recently I made them into a lovely two ply. I adore the finished yarn but oh the angst it put me through. Let's get a list going:

  1. The soy and, especially, the nylon where hell to blend. They had a great big static party and I'm still picking them off my clothes. 
  2. The soy was a pain to spin alongside alpaca and nylon. It was just so much more slippy than anything else. If the spindle dropped and the yarn broke at any point I knew the soy was the culprit before looking down. 
  3. Given the difference in slipperyness you'd have to be a spinner more skilled than I am (most spinners) to keep these three even. 

That said:
  1. I still love the play of these three colours.
  2. The texture of the different fibres running through my hands is fabulous.
  3. The nylon is sparkly nylon. It sparkles!
In conclusion: no regrets! You can find it as Sea Foam on Ravelry.

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